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Building a Turbo Mini is by no means a cheap project, saying that it doesn't have to cost the earth. You can, by sourcing parts from other cars at scrap yards and autojumbles, build a decent project for a fair price.
But the project must be well thought out, trying to cut costs on the wrong parts will only lead to dissapointment and more expense.
I would try to start with the best base car you can, one with a sound shell & subframes etc,this will save you a lot of work, don't forget the extra power puts a strain on everything.The later shells, 84 onwards have the advantage of front disc brakes.
To begin with you will need to cut the bulkhead of your shell and install a special box to provide clearance for the Turbo, then the following will be required to get the project running -
Below is a basic list of parts you'll need to convert your standard Mini into a Turbo-Mini. This is only a guide, but contains the most essential parts to get the job done.

The following is a list of parts you'll need for the conversion.
Besides the engine itself, These are the parts that can be taken from the Metro Turbo..........

1- High pressure fuel pump
2- Fuel pressure regulator {click here for further information}
3- Air intake pipe
4- And the oil cooler. {click here for further information}
These parts are standard to the Metro Turbo, but to install the engine in the Mini youll also need the following parts.
1- A Turbo bulkhead box
2- Turbo downpipe
3- Clamp on type air filter
4- Decent large bore exhaust system
5- Decent radiator
6- Also worth adding is a braided Turbo oil feed pipe, so you can do away with the nasty standard one.

1- Engine mounts.
You can use all of the existing engine mounts from the Mini, but it is definatly worth adding extra engine steadies and uprated bushes wherever possible.
Uprating the subframe mounting is also worthwhile.
2- Brakes and suspension.
Are they up to the job ? dont forget all the extra speed and hard driving will cause extra strain on these. Its well worth spending some money here.
3- Cooling.
Quite often a problem on a standard Mini, nevermind a Turbo engine. The cooling system must be in top order, and a decent radiator is essential. Also consider adding an auxillary fan. {click here for further information}
4- Oil.
Use a good quality oil and filter and change them on a regular basis. Dont forget the oil has to do the Turbo, engine and gearbox.
5- Fuel feed and return.
A fuel return pipe must be welded near the top of the tank to allow unused fuel to be returned from the regulator. The feed from the tank to the pump should also be enlarged. I use 8mm for both feed and return.
6- ECU
I wouldnt bother with this, as you can run without it. With it fitted your boost will be limited to 7psi. If you remove it the boost will be set to 4psi on the actuator, but you can always raise the boost using a modified actuator or bleed valve.