Parts & Accessories.

Turbo carburettor rebuild kit.

Genuine SU rebuild kit, Contains everything you need to completely overhaul the turbo HIF44 carb.


Turbo SU needle.

Genuine SU BDD turbo needle as fitted as standard & an ideal starting point for modified engines.


Dry deck conversion kit.

Contains two water take off fittings, silicone hose, jubilee clips & allen bolts.
(Requires cylinder head machining to fit, available from ourselves.)



Rose jointed, solid mount adjustable top engine steady bar.


As pictured.



High pressure fuel pump.


High pressure fuel pump, suitable for standard or high boost engines.


Green carburettor spring.

Should be fitted when the boost is raised above 8psi.



Window & Rocker box stickers.


Small window/Rocker box sticker: £1.50
Large window sticker: £2.50


Adjustable boost control.


Can be mounted under the bonnet or inside the cabin to allow the boost to be adjusted when required.



Please contact for postage costs.

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