From a simple valve guide replacement to flowbench testing

Turbo-Mini.Com can help you with any cylinder head work you require.

Flow Bench Testing

Have you ported your own cylinder head, modified a carburettor or manifold & want to know how well it flows?
We can test these for you on our professional flow bench.

Receive a professional printed graph showing the results.

Prices start from £45 for:

Flowbench test single intake & exhaust port from 0.050" to 0.500" lift in 0.050" increments and provide printed graph.

Please contact us for further prices regarding flow bench testing.



All prices exclude materials unless stated otherwise.

Machine end of head to accept dry deck water take off:


Plug all waterways in cylinder head face & skim £80


3 angle valve seat cutting:

£6 each

Enlarge chambers to lower compression for turbo use:

From: £120


Remove valve guides, refit new, ream to size and recut valve seats multi angle x8:


Burette chambers {x4} to verify volume:


Dowel and match inlet manifold to head:


                                                                   Drill cylinder head for 11stud:


                                                                   Machine 30 degree back-cut on valve: £2.50 each

Enlarge T3 turbo elbow for improved flow:


Match turbo exhaust manifold to gasket and gas flow dividers:


Install 4x hardened exhaust inserts to allow use of unleaded fuel:

 {including inserts}


Skim head face: From:


                                                                   Flowbench testing:

                                                                   from £45

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